Is this our first look at what the Sony PS5 controller could look like?

Is this our first look at what the Sony PS5 controller could look like?

Sony has announced a new, futuristic-looking add-on for its DualShock 4 controller that’s geared towards competitive play. And, due to its release proximity to the Sony PS5 console, which is slated for launch next year, gamers are now wondering whether the look and functionality it delivers is inspired by the yet unseen DualShock 5 game pad.

The Back Button Attachment is comprised of two programmable buttons described as “highly tactile” that can map up to 16 different actions, as well as an OLED screen that displays real time information of button assignments. The attachment clips onto the bottom of the control pad and has a 3.5mm port for a headphone jack. The official Back Button Attachment video below shows the add-on in action.

The Back Button Attachment is designed to allow players to use more of their hand with the position of the extra buttons, thereby shortening response times. With the ability to swap out the designated inputs, players can customise the controller for their favourite shooter or competitive game for an edge during online gaming. 

The attachment has a dedicated button for quick and easy remapping on the fly, and you can save up to three profiles at time to use across your choice of games. It’s also compatible with PS VR games as an added bonus. 

Given the proximity to the PS5 launch, it could be that the new attachment on the DualShock 4 mimics the design of the next-gen console’s controller, allowing for cross-gen titles that utilise the new inputs so some degree. 

A recent patent that is reportedly for the PS5 controller shows the absence of the light bar and a mysterious rectangle situated beneath the PS button. Whether this is an old design or for a new controller that will feature some variation of this attachment that’s been more efficiently designed is anyone’s guess at this point. 

The Back Button Attachment is set to release in Europe on February 14, making for the perfect Valentine’s gift for that special someone. You can pick it up for €29.99 at launch, which is around £25.50. The US and Canada will be getting their hands on it first when it releases on January 23 for USD $29.99/ CAD $39.99. 

We’re guessing the UK release date will be in line with Europe and come in at around £30, but we’ll have to wait for official word from Sony on that. 

The new DualShock 4 colourways launched last month as well, so if there was ever a time to revamp your controller, this Christmas is a perfect excuse, and you can treat yourself to the new attachment at the start of the year.

As to whether the official PS5 controller will look like this, or share the same advanced features, remains unclear. Microsoft seems to have played it safe with the Xbox Series X, using what appears to be the Elite Series 2 controller, with no marked design change. And, with Sony enjoying such a large install base lead over the American console maker right now, we’re guessing we won’t see a radical departure from the DualShock 4 design either.

Hopefully we will learn more soon, with both flagship next-gen consoles tipped to go head-to-head at E3 2020.

Source: Playstation

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