Here’s everything new in Android Q Beta 4

Here’s everything new in Android Q Beta 4

Android Q Beta 4 today brings us closer to the official launch of Google’s next mobile operating system in Q3 2019. We’re enrolling in the Beta Program and sideloading the OTAs right now to explore all the tweaks and near final iterations of features, so stay tuned to our updating (reverse chronological) list below.

With every beta release, Android Q is nearing its finalized state. Many new tentpole features like dark mode and gestural navigation were announced at I/O 2019, with these upcoming updates focussed on tuning these features for a public launch.

For reference, here’s our everything new in Android Q Beta 1, Beta 2, Beta 2 patch, and Beta 3.

Screen attention’ keeps your screen on while looking at it
android q beta 4 gesture navigation
Gestures tweaked for fullscreen apps, PiP, notifications, more
‘Screen Pinning’ is disabled when using gesture navigation
Android Q Beta 4 Dynamic System Updates
‘Dynamic System Updates’ are live to let you try new OS versions
Play Store, Files show how apps should treat the back gesture

Share menu with 8 Direct Share targets, frequently used

Beta 4 tweaks the system share menu starting with a “Copy” label under the respective button and bolder separation between sections. When the sheet is fully expanded, Android Q will load four more Direct Share targets. Below that is a new row of your mostly frequently used targets and the full “Apps list.”

Beta 3
Beta 3
Beta 4
Beta 4
Android Q Beta 4 Pixel Presence
Smart Lock may be rebranded as ‘Pixel Presence’
android q google pay power menu
Google Pay cards could live in power menu w/ ‘Cards & Passes’
‘Adaptive Notifications’ arrive w/ revamped settings UI
android q beta 4 bubbles
‘Bubbles’ are now in preview, not a developer option
‘Sleep’ renamed to ‘Screen timeout’ in Display settings

New back gesture icon, animation

While changes — revealed by Google this morning — to the navigation bar are not live in Beta 4, Android Q did tweak the back gesture. The icon is thinner, while the animation that reveals when users swipe on either edge is much springier.

Beta 3
Beta 4

More Always-on Display tweaks

The AOD has again been tweaked in Beta 4 with a much bolder clock, while the music app icon is no longer next to the song title. While the date is missing, weather condition and temperature is available on that second row.

Live wallpaper preview

In an earlier release, the interface for setting Google’s marquee live wallpapers was tweaked with a new panel that detailed the artwork. This sheet could not be removed, thus preventing a fullscreen preview. Beta 4 lets users swipe away the information and adds a “Preview” checkbox in the top-right corner to bring it back and set the wallpaper.

Android Q Beta 4 wallpaper

Pixel Launcher removes ‘Suggestions’ from ‘Overview’ and ‘All apps list’

New in Android Q Beta 4 is the removal of app action “Suggestions” that use to appear at the top of the app drawer. The setting is similarly no longer available from the Pixel Launcher’s Home settings.

Beta 3
Beta 4
At A Glance widget on Pixel Launcher is subtly bolder
Notifications can be swiped away in both directions again
Dark Theme tweaks in Pixel Launcher, notifications, more
Android Q dark theme
‘Face authentication’ appears in settings, reveals some features
Pixel devices get tweaked lock screen with relocated lock icon
Android Q Beta 4 Lock screen
New system accent colors: Space, Cinnamon, and more
Return of contextual rotation button for gesture nav
android q rotation button

Pixel 3a support

The Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL in early May was briefly eligible for the Android Q Beta, but it was quickly pulled until June. With Android Q Beta 4 today, it is officially ready to sideload or enroll in the Beta Program.

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